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For more than 400 years, Galileo  has revolutionized astrology by inventing the telescope. He has open the minds of millions- The "father of the new age." His books,scientific findings and  his messages reached far and beyond his world of 1564.  Now he has 'spoke" again- a prophecy is fulfilled. His words of the past were not always heard when it came to infinite worlds.

Today it is proven scientifically that man can return- regenerative life proven by matching the birth cycle and the returned date from  a Sky Mapping®Science. The same planets, stars and alignments as the day you were born could've happened 200 years ago, or 5,000. Proving rebirth of the soul energy of you. Find out if you have returned....

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I am ​Galileo’s Scribe
​Sky Mapping Messages The prophecy fulfilled
​ by Jolie DeMarco

Proof vs. Theory
When a human is born, that exact time, day-date and year is recorded. However, the sky, the planets alignments and stars are not recorded at the time of each person’s birth. Why would that information be important? Because that can track your souls energy- where you have been or are. I know basic astrology can show cycles- but think of this: Can basic astrology calculate alignments were at the time of your birth? The answer is yes, but you can track infinite existence with Galileo's Sky Mapping technology. Scientifically,one can look to see when that previous exact alignment happened.  This research can prove that same time / moment you incarnated. This can be millions, thousands or 100 of years ago or less!  As said- a past or parallel life!  If you believe you had many past lives, parallels or what Galileo calls moments, occurrence’s or experiences- you can track those “births or rebirths” in the cycles of technology of Sky Mapping..   Cycles help us by empowering us with the knowledge we need to advance in our current lives, or let go of something from the past. Sky Mapping® is the key. The Sky Mapping experiment is now the proof of infinite existence.

Do you believe that you can be reborn?
We can show you the last time your planets and stars we aligned the same as your birth date! 

Choose what you want to know or reveal about you or your potential mate. The sky is the limit!

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